electrical installation

HKE Installatietechniek designs, realizes and maintains electrical installations in buildings.
Electrical engineering is a broad field, in which sustainability is especially an important theme. Think of lighting, access control.
Technical standards such as NEN 1010 and NEN 3140 are central to this.
New construction and renovation projects are specifically aimed at improvement: You as a customer want a clear increase in working comfort.
In addition, it offers the possibility to increase safety and efficiency.
As an electrical installation company, HKE ensures an effective design and efficient installation of electrical installations in both small and large-scale projects.
You want sufficient light in your building and the right connection points for your assets.
And it must remain that way, so in addition to the facilities per workplace, the infrastructure is also important.
As a customer you indicate what you need per workplace and what it should look like.
We see it as our task to develop an installation that not only includes the connection points, but also guarantees trouble-free operation.
Electrical engineering comprises more than lighting and wall sockets.
It affects the entire business process and therefore every customer question is different.
By empathizing with the demand and business process of you as a customer, we arrive at a design that meets the wishes of the customer, the requirements in the field of legislation and regulations and minimal maintenance and operating costs.
Smart, sustainable solutions that you will not have to worry about for years to come. In our design we also look at the installations of other disciplines such as security.
We integrate the installations as much as possible into one smart system.

Installation responsibility
The Working Conditions Act sets strict requirements for working on and with low-voltage installations.
For example, the safe use of electricity must be guaranteed.
Only expert, properly trained and authorized employees are allowed to carry out electrical and operating work.
HKE has extensive experience in the management and maintenance of low voltage installations.
So we gladly and professionally take over all these tasks for you.
We ensure that your installation always complies with technical and safety regulations.
These are described in the applicable NEN standard 3140 on low voltage.
If your organization does not have skilled employees in this specific area, we can take over the installation responsibility from you.
Because suppose something goes wrong with an installation and you have not met all health and safety requirements?
Then, in addition to the damage incurred, this can lead to considerable financial sanctions. Formally demonstrable If you have not designated an installation manager within your organization, that task will automatically fall to the highest official within your organization. He or she is personally liable if the installation results in an unsafe situation within your building (s) being carried out unsafe.
As the owner you are and will remain ultimately responsible.
If you transfer the responsibility to HKE, you will sign an Installation Responsibility contract and you will receive an Installation Responsibility Manual, which you can use to demonstrate that you have acted carefully and without reproach.

Operational tasks
• Providing insight into the structure of the electrical installation (the configuration)
• Granting consent to this configuration
• Keeping all relevant documents and drawing management up to date
• Granting prior consent to changes and / or extensions to the configuration • Carrying out a risk inventory
• Drawing up standard operating procedures and working procedures
• Drawing up an inspection plan for the electrical installation and electrical work equipment
• Registering accidents and near-accidents resulting from the use of the electrotechnical installation or the electrotechnical work equipment.
• Appointing Skilled Persons and Adequately Educated Persons within the organization
• The periodic (additional) training of employees who are authorized to perform work on the electrical installations Help with setting up electrotechnical operational tasks In case of insufficient knowledge within your organization to fully set up the installation responsibility, we can help you with this set-up.
A condition is that your organization delegates this responsibility to an employee who has completed secondary vocational training in energy technology at WEB-4 level.
Together with this employee, we draw up the electrical engineering manual.
The installation responsibility remains within your organization.

Inspections HKE Installatietechniek also offers a wide range of inspection services:
• NEN1010 (initial and periodic inspection)
• NEN3140
• Thermography