4evac panelHKE Installatietechniek utilises a range of Communication Systems designed especially for use within a building which contains refuge areas.
These systems enable Fire Officers and Building Management staff to keep in contact throughout an emergency within these areas and are fully BS9999 compliant.
Large amounts of steel in modern buildings affect the reception of personal radio sets. It is therefore desirable in large or complex buildings to have a ‘fixed communication system’, which can then be utilised by fire-fighters, emergency personnel and disabled building occupants requiring assistance at any time.

The detailed design of any emergency voice communication system requires several key elements including the access strategy to confirm whether phased evacuation is required, fire engineering report and also any specialist requirements defined by the building owner/occupier.
Each activated refuge system has an auto-listening facility to monitor activity in the refuge area. As each disabled person is moved to safety, the system can be reset via a key operated switch on the Refuge Area Remote Unit.

HKE Installatietechniek can provide fully compliant EVAC system to BS5839-9 for all environments.